What if I am not sure I am choosing the right color?

Take a look at our shade finder card and see what skin-tone resembles yours look at the choices we have made for you. Still have questions email us a picture and we will look at your skin-tone and make recommendations.


What should I order for my first time trying Advanced Mineral Makeup?

That is up to you we can say if you try our foundations pressed, lose or liquid along with a concealer that would be a great choice.


Is there SPF in the makeup?

Yes our products contain natural sunscreen zinc and titanium.


Is it Vegan?

Yes with the exception of a few blush colors Pink Candy and Rosebud even then we use a natural colorant.


What if I have sensitive skin, will Advanced Mineral Makeup irritate it?

Advanced Mineral Makeup has a very low allergy rate but no product works 100% on all skin so if you have any sensitivity just return to us.


How long do each of the products last?

Depending on how often you use Advanced Minerals everyday users usually lasts 3 months for core foundation products.