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Find Your Shade

Your Foundation To Natural Beauty

Having the right canvas to create on is essential in creating great art. Your skin is your canvas and you are the artist with Advanced Mineral Makeup. Like artists, we have used color theory to create the perfect color combinations for foundations and concealers. This is the secret to helping you get the coverage you want and create the looks you love. And to help you get started, we have also listed some of our pro go-to favorites to add, for each skin tone category.

Liquid, Pressed, and Loose Mineral Foundation for Natural Beauty

Limit the amount of chemicals you put on your face. Advanced Mineral Makeup carries a line of mineral foundation made of natural materials ideal for sensitive skin. You can find both pressed and loose powder foundations, as well as liquid mineral foundation that will not clog pores and allow your skin to breathe. With antioxidants, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to help heal the skin, our collection of natural mineral foundation is the next evolution of makeup. Find your shade using the guides on this page.

dark skin.jpg

Dark Skin Tones

Dark skin-tones can some time look to ashy(green) or blue toned(purple) Toffee Liquid has a golden-tone that works with darker skin-tones and will even work with skin-tones 2 shades darker than pictured to look natural . Too much red or yellow can leave the skin looking orange.(Darker shade soon available)

Medium Light to Medium Skin Tones

Our most popular skin-tone will add warmth to medium skin-tones . Can be used to cover redness because of its yellow and peach under-tone. 

med light.jpg

Medium to Medium Dark Skin Tones

Neutral under-tone for medium to medium dark toned skin will hide imperfections with not too much yellow and no pink it will even out your skin-tone.

medium tones.jpg

Enjoy the benefits of natural mineral foundations from Advanced Mineral Makeup



If you struggle with more pink or red tones in your skin, balance your skin with a foundation with beige -yellow tones. Light skin-tone with neutral, like in cream puff, or and a bit of yellow, in creme brulee, are excellent to balance light skin and perfect your complexion. Flawless coverage and camera-ready skin is just an application away. No need for filters or fillers to give you an amazing, picture perfect, complexion.



Still not sure which color is the right one for you? We’d love to help! Simply give us a call and let our founder Annie Mayo help you find your new favorite foundation.