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Have a spa, salon, shop or are you a makeup artist? See how you can easily add more value to your clients
and more revenue in your business with Advanced Mineral Makeup.


No Minimum order =
no hassle

Most skincare and makeup lines require a huge investment with no guarantee if the products you buy will ever sell. So much inventory takes up space, costs you the ability to offer more for to your clients and struggling to recoup the initial expense. At Advanced Mineral Makeup, we have no minimum opening orders. We offer a small footprint in your business so you can get started with what you know your clients will love. We make it really easy to get started with customized packages that will work for you and your budget. We show you how you can offer Advanced Mineral Makeup to enhance your current services and help you to make more money in your business from day one, rather than being out of pocket thousands of dollars and unsure if the investment will pay off. We want you to grow a thriving business and have clients that love and rave to their friends about you. We educate you on the products and ways to offer them to your clients in the treatment room and out of the treatment room. We make it easy for you to be successful with Advanced Mineral Makeup.


Create raving fans

Happy clients, become raving fans, and raving fans bring in more clients, buy more products and services and tell more people- keeping the cycle going. We want you to have a thriving business without adding to your workload. This is why we offer our professionals:

  • A small line of professional makeup without needing to buy and carry large amounts of inventory

  • Training on the products teaching you who they are for and how you can add them as part of the services you already provide

  • You DON’T need to be a makeup artist to offer this line, but if you are, this allows you to sell these products directly to your clients as part of their wedding, branding, or commercial service

  • We are Oncology recommended.

try Advanced Mineral Makeup in Your Business

We know you want to carry things your clients will LOVE. That’s why we make it really easy to try our products and see how it can add more value and revenue to your business. Simply follow the steps below and give us a try this week!



Call us today and tell us about your business and who you serve. We will tell you how easy it is to offer Advanced Mineral Makeup in your business and what products would work best for your clients and services and why.



After learning about your business, you will get order a trial kit that will include 4 full-size incredible products that your clients will love. This will let you test them out for yourself before you place your first order. We know if you love them, your clients will too.


Once you see how great these products are for yourself, place your first order. There is NO minimum. Which means, carry what you love in the quantities you want and watch it fly off the shelves!


You Don’t have to be a makeup artist


Uncertain if Advanced Mineral Makeup is right for your business? Give us a call or email us below. We are here to answer all of your questions. We know once you give these products a try you will love the results your clients and your business will see.

Here are three quick ways you can use these products in and out of your treatment rooms:


Small Footprint.
Big Results.

Regular Display

Regular display comes with 1 of everything I offer (not the skincare) 

Medical and Esthetician Display

comes with everything except the following lip liner, eye liner, lipsticks, eye shadow brushes and all color shadow, blush and luminizers.

*Note: When items are taken out of display white Lucite circles are inserted making the top seem seamless. Were the color palette is can be used for a small display featuring a few items or seasonal items.

Display picture 2.jpg

Have Questions? Check out our FAQ page for Professtionals